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The Past Passed Here: What to expect

Looking for a fun, educational, and inexpensive way to spend time with your family?  Visit The Past Passed Here.

Brought to you by the Chippewa County Historical Society, The Past Passed Here provides an educational and FUN experience for all.  Learn how people in the Chippewa Valley lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  Adults and children alike will enjoy this step back in time.  Re-enactors, in an authentic rendezvous setting, wear period clothing and live in 1800s-style camps, while portraying French fur traders, lumberjacks, and Native Americans.

Visitors to the historic encampment will experience:

Camp skill competitions

Camp skill competitions include the Cat and Mouse game, canoe paddle races, hawk throwing and sawing.

Food vendors

Food vendors feature old-fashioned candy, fry bread, kettle corn, buffalo burgers, root beer floats and voyageur stew.

Education Days

We are proud to have over 600 fourth grade students from Chippewa Falls and area parochial and public schools who are studying local history and Wisconsin history in school. They will participate in full-day, hands-on activities during school hours Wednesday through Friday.  The public is not admitted during the hours that students are present.  


Demonstrators include blacksmiths, brain hide tanners, spinners, weavers and more.


Traders have a variety of items for sale including beeswax candles, reproduction antique clothing, leather goods, animal furs/skins, beads, jewelry and toys.


Music was an important part of a rendezvous and we are lucky to have many area musicians who are willing to share their talent during our gathering. 

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